Top 10 Mistakes Veterinarians Make When Selling Their Practice or When Buying a Practice

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Selling or buying a veterinary practice is a once in a life time event for a veterinarian.  It is unfamiliar territory for most and there is a lot that can grow wrong.  We will explore the most common errors that veterinarians make in this process and how they can avoid them.  When should you start the process of selling and what should you avoid doing in the years before a sale? Who should you hire to help you? What are the different types of structures for selling or buying a hospital? What should be your major focus during the selling or buying process? Selling or buying a veterinary practice is a marathon and we will help you avoid the costly missteps along the way.

Christopher Rocchio


Dr. Chris Rocchio is a veterinarian and practice owner and founder of Monarch Business Consulting. He is a Cornell graduate and completed a small animal internship at California Animal Hospital. Together with his partner David Waterman, he helps veterinarians sell their practices to associate veterinarians and corporate consolidators. He also helps associate veterinarians through the process of becoming practice owners.

David Waterman


Mr. David Waterman has over 40 years of experience in private equity, investment banking, finance and general management. Prior to joining the Monarch team, Mr. Waterman co-founded a private equity business, DeltaPoint Capital in 1996, and an investment bank, Capital Formation Group, in 1992. Prior to founding Capital Formation Group, Mr. Waterman was Vice President, Investment Banking at First Albany Corporation and was Vice President, Corporate Banking for Bank of America/Fleet/Norstar Bank. During his career, Mr. Waterman has led or assisted in more than 100 transactions involving the sale and purchase of a small business. The total value of these deals exceeds $1 billion. Mr. Waterman received his Bachelor of Arts degree from State University of New York at Albany.

Javier Jaimes

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