General FAQs

For general information about the conference, please review the FAQ's below.

What is my login info?

Access is only available to conference registrants. Your log-in credentials are your email address as your username and password. If you registered on this site for the virtual conference, your username will be your email address and you created a password at time of registration. Forgot Password? Simply click to reset your password. You will get an email with instructions; if it does not come through right away, please check your junk folder.

How do I access the sessions?

First, log in. You can then access any of sessions included in your conference registration bundle by clicking on the “Agenda” button in the top menu bar. Click on any session title and access the “View Session” button to view the session.  Then look for and click on the "enter meeting" button.

Who do I contact if I have general questions about this conference?

For general conference questions, please contact:
Nahla Minges, Event Coordinator,
Justin Limper, Operations Manager,

What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellation requests must be made in writing and submitted to the NYS-VC committee no later than September 18, 2020. There will be a $50 non-refundable processing fee for all paid conference registration cancellations. Refunds due will be paid no earlier than 45 days after the close of the conference. No refund will be issued for cancellations received after September 18, 2020. Call (607) 253-3200 for further instructions.

CEU or Education Questions

The virtual NYS-VC offers more than 120 hours of continuing education over three days, for a maximum of 22 credits for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. The breakdown of hours per day are as follows: Friday – 9; Saturday – 6; Sunday – 7.

New York State Continuing Education Credit

The NYSVMS and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine are approved New York State continuing education sponsors. Veterinary technicians may only receive CE credit for classes that are within their scope of practice as defined by the NYS Board for Veterinary Medicine.

Registry of Approved Continuing Education Credit (RACE)

Pending approval, this conference offers up to 21 hours of LIVE continuing education for veterinarians and veterinary technicians in jurisdictions that recognize AAVSB RACE approval. However, participants should be aware that some state veterinary boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on methods of delivery of continuing education.

Continuing Education Certificate Procedure for NYS and RACE

A certificate of attendence will be emailed to all registrants following the conclusion of the conference. A list of all sessions will be provided to assist with tracking your attendance. Each individual is responsible for maintaining personal records of continuing education for six years from the date of the course. If you are selected for a random audit by the NYS Board for Veterinary Medicine, this will serve as proof that you satisfied the mandatory continuing education requirements. .

For further information, please contact the CVM Office of Continuing Education at or call 607-253-3201.

ADA Accommodations

If you have a medical conditions in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act and you feel we can assist with the success of your participation at our virtual conference, please contact Justin Limper,, as soon as possible and no later than Friday, September 25th, by 5:00 P.M.

Recording of Sessions

Recordings of sessions will be accessible through this website to attendees who have registered for those particular sessions. For example, if you registered for the full weekend, you will have access to recordings for the full weekend. If you registered for a Masterclass, you will have access to that. Recordings will be available within 24 hours of the session and will accessible through Monday, November 2. To access recordings, click on the "Agenda" menu item, choose a day, then click on the session name you wish to view, click “View Session” and then click "View Archived Recording"

Technical Support

Technical assistance will be provided during the conference days via chat. The chat window will be located at the bottom of this page and will be active during the conference hours

Attending the Live Sessions in Zoom

Recommendations for optimum viewing:

  • You will access ALL sessions from this website - DO NOT attempt to access the sessions directly from ZOOM. To access a session, go to the "Agenda" page, navigate to the session name and click "View Session". This will bring you to the session page - from there look for the "enter meeting" or "enter meeting in progress" button.
  • It is recommended that you use a PC or MAC with an updated Internet Browser.
  • Ensure that pop-ups blockers are disabled in your Internet browser settings.
  • Audio (sound) is projected through your computer speakers. Be sure your computer is equipped with speakers or the room where the conference is being broadcast is equipped with speakers so you can hear the presenters.

Please ensure that the location of where you plan to access the program meets hardware, software and bandwidth requirements well in advance.

Browser Tests: Please take the following browser test: Please review the following Technical Requirements and be sure your system and networks are up-to-date.

Minimum System Requirements: 2.0Ghz Processor or faster 2 GB RAM (Greater than 2 GB recommended) Minimum Browser Requirements: Browser must support HTML-5. To detect your browser version, run

Windows 7 or later Mac OS X 10.9 or later Chrome 60 or greater
Firefox 52 or greater
Edge 14 or greater
Safari 10 or greater
iOS 10 or greater
Internet Explorer 11
IP Addresses and Ports to Allow for HTML5: port 80, 443 (web and audio) port 80, 443 (web and audio) ports 80, 443 (web and audio) ports 80, 443 (web and audio) ports 80, 443 (web and audio)

Will I be able to participate remotely during the live streamed session?

Yes, attendees can use the Q&A icon to submit questions to the speakers and participate in polling questions posed to the entire audience.

Live Technical Support Chat

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