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Here at VetBloom we are big fans of education…veterinary education particularly. And we have this feeling that the right combination of expertise, sound pedagogy, and cutting-edge technology can make learning a bit more effective…and fun.

Rooted in the training needs of a specialty and emergency veterinary group in New England and using industry experts, VetBloom has developed a variety of curricula, Continuing Education, and skill protocols that have, in turn, effectively contributed to the growth of a wide audience of veterinary professionals. Our authors and subject matter experts are industry-renowned professionals who not only practice their trades, but formally teach outside of their practices as well.

Manage your learners’ growth with a version of VetBloom dedicated specifically to your hospital. Assign content, track learner progress, and automate the training processes that keep your team members’ knowledge sharp and relevant. Alongside the RACE-Approved CE available on VetBloom, your practice will have on-going access to over 75 vertically-aligned Technician Protocols, a robust reporting system, and a customizable learning environment that can be tailored specifically to the needs of your hospital.

With a dedicated version of VetBloom, add custom content, media, and assessments to the learning environment, and effectively scale the reach and efficacy of your training. VetBloom is a perfect way to cultivate your team, and grow your practice.

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