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Plena Curae makes novel botanical pain solutions for pets and horses.  Our products have superb ingredient quality and high potency formulations that are the most bioavailable of any on the market.  Plena Curae sells only to veterinary professionals, and comes to you from Dr. Karen Gellman, holistic veterinarian, vet educator and research scientist, who developed one of the most prominent canine CBD studies. We are on top of new clinical applications of cannabinoids, the latest developments in the hemp industry and have the connections to navigate bumps in the rapidly changing legal landscape before they become a problem.  We also have a curcumin and boswellia micellar solubilized extract that is 185x more bioavailable as turmeric, and was clinically proven as effective as diclofenac for arthritis in a recent study. 

If you have been looking for new pain management solutions for your patients, but are concerned about detrimental effects on co-morbidities, talk to us about our safe and effective products that are reliable, consistent and vet formulated.

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